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Kirby Smith for Lake County Commissioner District 3

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I was born at Waterman Hospital in Eustis Fl. and moved to Tavares where I currently reside with my wife, April, of 28 years and our son, Wade, who is grown and currently lives in Lake County working with the family business. We are all three graduates of Tavares High School and are committed to Lake County.


My parents were always involved in the community and raised me to be service minded as well. I have served the Lake County community in many different capacities over the years. I have been an EMT/firefighter, a coach, a Tavares City Council member, Vice-Mayor and Mayor of Tavares. I have served on various committees and boards throughout my life as well, including Lake County League of Cities, Lake County MPO, the Tavares economic development team and many more.  I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration (graduating Suma Cum Laude), I am a State Certified Building Contractor as well as a member of the Tavares/Eustis Masonic Lodge (Peninsular 85).


I am not only a resident of Lake County. I am also a property owner, a business owner and a tax payer. My family and I attended the schools, we drive the roads and we use the local hospitals and emergency services.  We swim and boat in the lakes, use the trails and park systems and attend the many wonderful festivals offered throughout Lake County. 

In other words, this is my home, and will be my home forever. I relate to the people of Lake County as I am one of you. I live and play here and I have invested my time and money into Lake County. I care a great deal about the future of our great county and am extremely invested in how we grow. I want to use my lifetime of experience, education, combined with my leadership and love of my home, Lake County, to continue to serve at higher level.


I had never seen myself getting into politics and I still don’t view myself as a politician. I am just a person trying to serve my community the best that I can, doing what I can to help and to ensure we are taking the right steps along the way. I try to approach every decision with an open mind and to consider all angles. While I am only one vote, sometimes that one vote can make a huge difference in someone’s life, in a positive or negative way. My original motivation to run for Tavares City Council was a tax issue. If you want to change things, you have to get out and get involved. Be the change. 



August 2020

I am proud of my accomplishments as a member of the Tavares City Council. I was a part of the team of people who bet on Tavares when people thought we were nuts. The growth and prosperity of Tavares these last ten years is a reflection of hard work, vision, and perseverance I will bring to each of us in Lake County. I have assisted in the rebranding of a government town to a destination that people enjoy coming to, all while in a rescission. It is the forward thinking and thinking outside the box that has helped me with the transition of Tavares. I can bring that same forward thinking and outside the box thinking to Lake County  


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357 West Alfred Street Tavares, FL 32778


Paid by Kirby Smith, Republican, for Lake County Board of County Commissioner District 3

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